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Just as there is no convenient time to get sick, electrician problems can go wrong at any time during the day or night. This is why you want a reputable 24 hour electrician in West Chester, PA like Schumann Electric. Some problems you may consider a mere nuisance but in reality are not minor at all. Then there are those issues that affect the living conditions of your entire family.

Some really serious problems that need to be addressed immediately are:

  • Lights that flicker in your breaker panel
  • Seeing smoke coming from an electrical outlet whether or not an appliance is plugged in
  • You see wires burning. Quite often this happens during the holiday season when there are multiple strings of lights on a tree.
  • The actual breaker panel is hot

These are not conditions that can wait until a more convenient time. You need to call your West Chester, PA 24/7 electrician immediately.

Do not worry. We’re here.

There are other times when electrical problems challenge your family’s lifestyle and comfort. Or you may have an elderly or disabled person at home who needs electricity for mobility or oxygen. In the case of the individuals with physical challenges, any electrical issue can be serious.

Schumann Electric is on hand whenever you need us for any service you may need. There are those who work irregular hours and need someone to repair or install an item during off hours. This can be anything from installing a new garage door opener, ceiling fan or dedicated outlet for a window air conditioner. Just because your work demands you to be there when others are already home does not mean you should not be able to receive the same goods and services.

Customers have called on us numerous times for emergencies such as

  • The weather has turned bad and the garage door will not go up or down. Family members have to get out of the car in the inclement weather to enter the house or manually move the garage door. We have arrived and assessed the situation and recommended whether the door is broken or maybe the door opener needs repaired or replaced. The next morning the family is able to get into the car in the garage and remain warm and dry for the trip to work or school.
  • During the summer months the family has had a dinner party and all the guests are seated within the screened porch away from pesky bugs. Two ceiling fans are working to provide a cool breeze. Suddenly one or both quit working no matter how much the strings are pulled or the rheostat is wiggled on the wall. We are called in to assess the problem and determine there is a short in the original wiring. We have it repaired in record time and the family evet continues in comfort.
  • Two teens were getting ready for a special date when their hair dryers stopped working in the bathroom. To some this would not be an emergency but to the two girls it was high stress levels. The parents called and we came in to look at the outlet. It was apparent that two hair dryers on max level were pulling too much from this one outlet. The circuit shut off. For the short term we suggested each girl using it one at a time. We could come back when it was more convenient for the homeowners to upgrade the electrical panel and power to the bathroom.

There is something to keep in mind. Every customer is different. What may be an emergency to you may not be an emergency to your next door neighbor. Go by your own feelings. Do not let anyone tell you that it is fine to just wait. Let us know what is happening and we will honestly tell you if it is a critical problem. Just call.

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About Tom Schumann

Tom Schumann, owner of Schuman Electric is a licensed electrician with over 20 years or experience. Schumann Electric is full-service electrical company dedicated to providing professional and cost-effective electrical services within Downingtown, PA and surrounding areas. We offer a complete range of electrical services for all types of residential and commercial projects. With a solid commitment to craftsmanship, and attention to detail, we take pride in getting the job done well and done right.

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