Save on energy and improve your home’s ventilation

There are multiple reasons why you should have adequate attic ventilation for your residence. At Schumann Electric, we can show you how much money you will save in energy costs while also making your house a lot more comfortable.

For starters, when you run air conditioners in the summer or on hot days, the stagnant air will make your AC work harder to draw fresh air through the rooms of your home. The exhaust fans help your attic and house stay cooler and drier, which is a great way to ward off potential moisture damage. Think about how hot your attic gets during summer months when the sun’s rays absorb the brunt of the sun’s rays. The installation further absorbs this heat and can make your house feel like an oven, which means your AC will work harder to keep it cool.

Then in the winter months, your house may build up ice dams which are damaging to the exterior of your home and can weaken the resilience of your roof. Especially in older homes, the heat that escapes from the attic can melt the snow above and cause melted snow to flow down into the gutters, eaves and even into your attic. Exhaust fans and proper attic ventilation can help to prevent this by maintaining an even temperature.

Our experienced attic & exhaust fan installers will measure your attic and can give you an estimate on getting this vital upgrade to your home. Our West Chester electricians want to help you prolong the life of your house and its structural integrity. We know how important the exhaust fan and attic ventilation upgrades are and just how much money you can save on your energy costs, too.

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