Make your bathroom more livable and cleaner

You can eliminate many common bathroom problems such as mildew, mold spores and moisture damage by installing bathroom exhaust fans. In fact, moisture damage can cause doors, floors and windows to warp, as well as peeling paint or wallpaper. Not to mention the better smell of your bathroom after installing a bath exhaust fan.

In a nutshell, bathroom exhaust fans draw out the moisture from the bathroom. Schumann Electric’s technicians have the expertise to install exhaust fans to promote healthy ventilation of your bathrooms. It keeps the air from dissipating into the attic which can ruin wood and cause your attic or floors to rot. Trying to install them on your own can be frustrating, costly and can do more harm than good. We have the know-how to seal your bathroom exhaust fan properly and to make sure the wiring is intact to prevent shocks and other hazards associated with water and electricity.

Another benefit of bathroom fans is in their ability to provide an extra lighting source and to divert humidity. They keep your mirrors from fogging up after a bath or shower and can even keep you warmer when you step out of the bath or shower on a chilly day. We can show you different sized fans that will fit into most any overhead space. You’ll enjoy the difference in your bathroom!

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