Stay cool and airy with ceiling fan installation

Not only do ceiling fans look great and keep your entire family cooler, they provide wonderful air circulation to slash your energy bills. Sure, some people think they may cost money to run. But ceiling fans easily pay for themselves in many ways by pushing the air to make your room feel comfortable. Especially in the summer, when your air conditioner may be running, you can cut down on this energy zapper with a ceiling fan to improve the performance of your AC unit. And even in the winter, the ceiling fan can aid in ventilation.

Our Schumann Electric ceiling fan installers can help you with new ceiling fan installations in Downington, PA and the surrounding area. Whether your home is older and in need of fixture updates, or brand new construction, we can help you choose the right style and ceiling fan options to go with the décor within your home and to fit the size of the room(s) you wish to accommodate.

Some of the ceiling fan replacement or installation services we cover include:

  • Bedroom ceiling fans
  • Living room/family room ceiling fans
  • Ceiling fan wiring or rewiring
  • Replacement of light fixture to ceiling fan
  • Lighting and fan combos
  • Ventilation fans
  • Ceiling fan wiring and repair

There are so many different ceiling fan options, sizes, wind speed, colors, and with or without lighting. The blade sizes are plentiful, as well as the construction. Ceiling fans come in wood, stainless steel, plastic, and other materials to give you so many choices.

Ceiling fans are one area of home improvement that can bring you and your family joy. Some of our customers who have installed bedroom ceiling fans claim they sleep better since the “white noise” of the fan provides a nice backdrop for sleeping, as well as enhanced comfort. Install a ceiling fan in every important room of your home and watch your energy bills improve dramatically, both in the summer and winter!

Stay cool with Schumann Electric ceiling fan installation. Call (610) 269-4136 or Contact Us for an estimate.

Ceiling Fan Installation and Repair Services

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