Ceiling Fans

Benefits of Ceiling Fans
There are several advantages to adding ceiling fans to your home’s lighting fixtures. Offering aesthetic value with style and attractiveness, they also cool a room and help ventilate. By putting ceiling fans throughout the house, you will see a significant reduction in energy expenses. When it comes to ceiling fans in Chester County, PA Schumann Electric has the team of experts.

Reduced Utility Bills
Ceiling fans can reduce your overall energy expenses by as much as 30 to 40 percent. While the actual operation of the ceiling fan is not going to decrease the room’s temperature, the draft will make that room feel much cooler. You can reduce the thermostat because the room will feel much cooler.

Adding Style
Ceiling fans are style driven, which are available in various styles, designs, finishes and so forth to complement the room’s décor and style. They can be used as a room’s focal point or make a statement in your room’s style and appearance.

Versatility for any Room
Ceiling fans are versatile, so they can be used in virtually any room of a home. The more fans that are used throughout your home, the greater the overall savings on your utility bill. They can be used in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms or screened-in porches.

Functional Illumination
When you use a ceiling fan, you get functional and attractive illumination. If you want to take advantage of general illumination, choose a ceiling fan that has a built-in light or one that offers easy installation of a light kit into the fan.

Year-Round Value
While many people think about ceiling fans for warmer months, they can also be used to help circulate warmer air during the cold months. Therefore, ceiling fans are great for all seasons, and can be used in a variety of climates.

If you are interested in adding ceiling fans to your home, call Schumann Electric for quality ceiling fan installation services. They are the residential electrical repair experts in Chester County, PA.

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