Keeping your circuits and fuse panels up-to-date

Do your lights flicker on and off, or do your outlets only seem to work occasionally? This can be worrisome, especially in older homes in Downington PA and throughout the Exton and West Chester area that may have old circuits and/or electrical panels. One of the main reasons for this occurrence is that the old electric panels may have burnt connectors or poor connectivity. This is not a good sign and can be very dangerous.

Old electrical panels need to be replaced by an expert electrical. At Schumann Electric, we perform circuit and fuse panel upgrades on a daily basis. Circuit breakers are designed to trip within a fraction of a second if there is any risk of electrocution, but this rapid response time can be deterred if the circuit or fuse panels are faulty.

Many hazardous fire risks and deaths could be prevented every year if people simply took the time to replace the electrical panels to the current industry standards. People’s lives could be saved. Our experienced and knowledgeable electricians can provide circuit and fuse panel installation or repairs easily and affordable for the benefit of your loved ones. We are so committed to helping families in Downington, West Chester and Exton with electrical upgrades that we can come assess your home for free and provide you with a free estimate.

Safeguard your family with up-to-date fuse panels and circuit boxes. Get a free estimate by calling (610) 269-4136 or Contact Us today.

Residential Electrical Service

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