Panel Upgrades


If you have an older home, it might need electrical panel upgrades to satisfy the demands of today’s new technologies. Many of the homes in and near Downingtown, PA were built before all of these modern marvels and therefore need to “get up to speed”, so to speak. That’s where Schumann Electric comes in.

Enhancing homes with more power and energy efficiency

Panel upgrades in Downingtown are service changes from an existing electrical panel to a new, more modern design. The benefit of this transition is that your home will have sufficient power to handle new appliance upgrades, such as refrigerators, air systems, media, and lighting and will also be safer for your family. People don’t realize just how unsafe some of the older electrical panels can be, and subsequent house fires and deaths that occur due to faulty electrical panels. You could unknowingly be sitting on a “fine wire” between life and death by ignoring electrical problems.

We care about our Downingtown, PA residents and are committed to providing you with the very best in electrical panel upgrade services. There may be warning signs you should be aware of, so it doesn’t hurt to call and let us come over to do some testing and troubleshooting for you. It could mean the difference between your family’s safety and another sad story on the evening news!

Don’t put your family at risk of faulty electrical panels. We can come test your home for FREE. Call 610-269-4136 or Contact Us with all panel upgrade queries.

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