Enjoy the look of your home with recessed lighting

Turn your house into a home with a stunning presentation of recessed lighting installations! Often used by architects, interior designers and builders to create a look of elegance recessed lighting gives any room that “warm and friendly” vibe from the minute you enter. Plus recessed lighting makes your home more spacious by eliminating the clutter of table lamps, floor lamps and other lighting that detracts from your living space. You may even be surprised at the savings on your energy bill!

Schumann Electric can even help you with ideas for the best positioning of your recessed lighting. Hide them under cabinetry in the kitchen or use them to enhance the bathroom, bedroom, family room and other places that need better lighting solutions.

Here are some lighting ideas our electricians can help you to install:

  • Recessed lighting and trim
  • LED lighting
  • Kitchen and cabinetry recessed lighting
  • Lighting controllers
  • Floor to ceiling lighting
  • Dimmers and specialty lighting
  • All types of custom lighting indoors or out

Wait until you see how amazing your house can look after we install recessed lighting to your Downington area home! You’ll never be afraid of the dark again.

Install high quality recessed lighting, affordably. Contact Us or call (610) 269-4136 for a free estimate.

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