Surge & Lighting Protection

Don’t let electrical surges ruin your assets

Is your home protected from sudden spikes in voltage caused by lightning storms or power surges? Some surges can be caused by internal electrical problems, such as turning on an appliance or by a flicker from a brief power outage. Others can be external surges, such as those experienced during storms, utility switches, broken power lines or momentary transistor failures. The thing is, your expensive appliances and electronics could be at risk. You could lose data on your computer, miss favorite TV programs, ruin dinner for the night, or worse… you might end up with non-working appliances. And replacement can be very costly!

Protect your home from power surges

Many Downingtown residents have experienced catastrophic power surges. The certified electricians at Schumann Electric want to help you avoid these emergency situations by getting your home equipped with the proper surge protectors. It’s not just a matter of buying special outlets and doing the task yourself. Our trained electrical contractors can troubleshoot your home to determine which rooms might pose the highest risk. We can then make recommendations for you to replace faulty electrical outlets or wiring that could be hazardous to your family.

Let us provide you with advanced surge protection solutions such as:
• Surge protection devices
• Whole house surge protection
• Lightning protection
• Surge arresters or protector bars
Preparation is the key to make the most of your home’s electrical needs. We are available 24/7 to provide you with dependable electrical services and quality advice!

Save your family’s investments now, before it’s too late. Contact Us to get the most up-to-date surge and lightning protection for your home today! or Call (610) 269-4136 for a free estimate or click the button below

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