Electrical Wiring Problems

Common Residential Wiring Problems

There are many wiring problems that your home can encounter throughout the years. Any residential wiring problems in Chester County, PA require immediate attention. While there are a variety of problems your home can experience, here are some of the more common code violations that could result in worse problems later on.

Junction Box Uncovered

Wires connect to one another at the splices which are housed in the junction box. Without a cover, wires could accidentally be damaged or someone could be shocked. This is a code violation and is a danger if wires are within reach. A new cover for the box is inexpensive.

Flickering Lights

If you notice your electrical lights flickering when it is windy outside, your home probably has frayed wiring in the weather-head which causes a short when the cables move. The weather-head is the fitting where overhead cables from the power line enter the house. This is a major danger, as it can arc and result in a fire. This is a problem that needs to be addressed by your electric utility provider.

Lack of Electrical Outlets

If your home has too few outlets, you are relying on power strips and extension cords. This results in minimal risks as long as you use extension cords that are 14-gauge or more, meaning they are heavy duty. Undersized cords can overheat and cause a fire, so it is wise to go ahead and have a professional electrician install additional electrical outlets.

Failing to have GFCIs

Ground-fault circuit interrupters (GCFIs) can shut down a circuit fast, within 4 milliseconds. While this is grandfathered in and is not a code violation. Codes for newer homes require GFCIs on all outdoor outlets, basement and garage outlets and within four feet of any sink. If your home does not have any GFCIs, you should add them to ensure safety.

If you have concerns with residential wiring problems in Chester County, PA contact Schumann Electric.

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