Lighting repair

The lighting in your home or condo is important to you. No one likes a darkened room when they are trying to make dinner, read a book, clean, or relaxing with a favorite hobby. When home lighting goes out it is not a matter of ‘if’ it will be fixed but rather ‘when.’ The sooner, the better. Schumann Electric has a 24/7 call line for those times when it is really dark and you really want your lights to work.

When lights go out in one room that is a clue that something is wrong within the wiring of that particular room only. However, if the whole house goes out, this can be serious. Generally a homeowner will look out the front door to see if any of the neighbors have power. He sees the lights on everywhere and then asks the person in charge of bills if they paid the electric company. After those options have been confirmed, the next call should be to your local licensed and bonded electrician.

What kind of services do we provide?

We can investigate the problem and repair the wiring on contemporary as well as antique light fixtures. It doesn’t matter if the home is 100 or just 10 years old. Things can happen even to newer residences. It is no secret that certain critters can get between the interior and exterior walls of your home and make a feast of wiring. It is not unusual to find a deceased rodent that unintentionally bit into high voltage. This doesn’t mean your house is dirty or your housekeeping is below par. It just means these animals have been around for hundreds of years and have perfected their craft in order to feed themselves.

We can get to the root of your issues with chandeliers, wall sconces and generic ceiling lights. It does not matter if they are traditional or halogen.  You will be happy to know that we can also repair the lighting in your china cabinets, book cases, wall units and any piece of furniture that has a lighting feature. If one of these pieces has recently been moved to a new location or even for cleaning, wiring can become loose.

What about exterior lights?

No one wants to walk up to their home in the dark or enter a garage when the lights are out. While you might be a bit intimidated, the likelihood of someone stepping out of the shadows to attack you are slim. However, it is best not to tempt would-be muggers. Get those lights repaired right away.

Homeowners can count on us to complete, install or repair their landscape lighting. This adds value to a home and also gives the homeowners a sense of accomplishment. The same goes for the front lights. We can help you convert a gas lamp post into an electrical one. If you have one that runs on electricity and it no longer works, we can investigate and repair it.

Another thing to remember when calling Schumann Electric. We will tell you what the problem is and outline a course of action. However, you make all the decisions.

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About Tom Schumann

Tom Schumann, owner of Schuman Electric is a licensed electrician with over 20 years or experience. Schumann Electric is full-service electrical company dedicated to providing professional and cost-effective electrical services within Downingtown, PA and surrounding areas. We offer a complete range of electrical services for all types of residential and commercial projects. With a solid commitment to craftsmanship, and attention to detail, we take pride in getting the job done well and done right.

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