Create a safer living space with motion lighting installation

Installing motion lighting at your Downington, West Chester or Exton residence can greatly enhance the safety of your property, while adding beauty at the same time. Schumann Electric has the experience to help you choose motion lighting that looks visually appealing, as well as fitting to the requirements of your property. For many homeowners, motion detection sensors also calm your fears and help you when you’re walking from your car, garage, backyard, front lawn, walkways and other heavily-traveled areas. They can prevent you from tripping and falling, as well as deterring burglaries and crimes to your house.

We can handle both residential and commercial motion lighting installations for exterior or interior purposes. Did you know that installing motion lights also help you save energy? By replacing lights that normally stay on all the time in key areas of your home, the motion lighting only uses wattage when the sensors detect movement, thereby drastically reducing the energy consumption. This automatic setting can be adjusted to come on at certain times or by detecting movement, which can alert you when an intruder or visitor is coming near your house.

Rather than installing outdoor lighting, ask us about motion lighting and how we can help you save more energy and resources. Your neighbors will thank you, too, especially if you’re replacing lights that normally stay on all the time and can disrupt their visibility to the night skies; or if a bright light is near their bedroom.

Contact Us to ask about motion lighting installation. Call (610) 269-4136 and we can provide you with the best options to suit your property and needs.

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