Outside Outlet Repair

It can be annoying, frustrating and disappointing to decorate for a holiday season, party or event and after everything is set up you discover your outside electrical outlets do not work. The kids are ready to see all the lights or the party planner is near to crying. This was an important time for them and you want to know why the outlets are dead.

What you can do on your own

Before calling a bonded and insured professional like Schumann Electric do some simple, safe investigating on your own. This can be valuable information for when your service person arrives. Is the outage narrowed to a specific outlet or all exterior outlets dead? Are corresponding interior outlets in the same area still working? Have you checked your circuit breaker to determine if a breaker has been flipped?

Is this an unusual occurrence?

Some advertisements for goods on television tell you it has a lifetime guarantee. Very few things are built for lifetime use. Even an electrical outlet can suffer from wear and tear and even environmental circumstances.

While you may have outlets that have protective covers that are supposed to shield them from rain, snow and humidity, dampness can get in and damage your outlet. It could also be that some of the wiring has burned and will not function properly. There is also the possibility that the outlet was not installed by a professional and that it is not up to code.

Before you call your electrician, unplug the cords from the outlets. Do not allow anyone near them or try to do a DIY project. It goes without saying that when you are dealing with electrical problems there could be a danger to you and your family. You want your house to be festive but not burned down.

What will the electrician do?

You repair person will listen to the information you have gathered. He will ensure that the power is shut off to the affected areas prior to opening the outlet to begin work. He will check the actual outlet and the wiring. He will determine whether the problem is limited to the exterior only or if it can or will cause an interruption on the interior of the house.

You’ve heard of bugs in computers? Some types of insects can set up housekeeping behind your electrical outlet and wreak havoc. The repairman will open the outlet after the power it cut and may even have to go into the wall to make a final determination.

He may be able to repair the wiring to the outlet. He will recommend a course of action. It may be that the outlet is damaged beyond repair. Your service person will tell you about the outlets that are available that are identical and also show you others that may be more enhanced or updated. It will be your choice.

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